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In 1981 a local screen printing company was born in the Barowsky’s garage. It outgrew the location and moved to several store-front locations in Fruitland before they purchased the current building in Fruitland. In 2004, Lucinda approached Angie about selling the business. It was a well-established business, on solid footing and would be a good next step for Perceptions Custom Embroidery. The sale was finalized and the merger took place in January of 2005. It was decided to keep the Big Sky name for two had better name recognition than Perceptions (which was established in 2000) was easier to spell.

We have been blessed with some amazing employees along the way. In the early years Kimberly Dempsey and Yazmin Hernandez learned the business with me. Later Carlos Carrillo and Nancy Lopez helped grow the business. Currently Shay Wininger and Reina Cisneros amaze me with how they have taken the ball and ran. When there is down time, Shay is learning new techniques in both art and screen printing. Reina is excellent with customer service and keeping the shop in ship-shape, along with spotting the new trends.

We take pride in taking care of our customers and constantly learning and improving our business. And look forward to continuing to be your local screen printing and embroidery shop....and we are looking at adding a couple of other things down the road. Stop in and check out our store front location or look at the options available online.